"Avast pirate wannabes! Yer drinkin' a Salty Dog? How’d ye like t' try t' real thin'? Let's get together and haul some keel. Be merry me mateys, sin' and dance, and get yerself some Grog.

Aye, I guarantee ye, ye'll do some givin' o' yer own."

My main responsibility was writing Otis' software and doing most of the electronics. The Processing sketch identifies players, steps through the various game stages, takes the player's movement via a webcam and a wiimote, detects speech and tells the arduino how wide Otis' mouth should open and when he has to puke. The Arduino controls the servo, which opens and closes Otis' mouth according to what he is saying, the eye LEDs and the grog pump.

special thanks to Dave Dempsey, Adam Shepherd and Gerulf Dösinger for lending Otis their voices

pictures by Thomas Radeke and George Kaulfersch

creditsBalazic Daniela
Derntl Alexandra
Dreusicke Viviane
El Heliebi Dina
Guschlbauer Lucas
Horvath Antonia
Kozlica Zrinko
Lantzberg Gerrit
Marx Mariella
Meyer Lücken Anahi
Nienstedt Nils
Schneeberger Julia
Somborn Suelie
Suppan Julia
Winkler Ash