nameStefan Kernjak, BA


2000–2008Federal “Realgymnasium” with focus on visual arts
2009–2010Transcultural Communication at the University of Vienna
2010–2013Information Design at the University of Applied Sciences, FH JOANNEUM in Graz
2014–2015MultiMedia Technology Master at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences


2012–2013internship at MESO Digital Interiors GmbH (programmer, designer and 3d modeler)
2013–2014internship at Strukt GmbH (programmer and designer)
2014–2016keox - high speed block avoidance (programmer and artist)
2016–nowfreelance developer
2015–2016We are WILD GmbH (programmer)
2016–2017Broken Rules, Interactive Media GmbH (tech artist)
2017–2022We are WILD GmbH (webgl/react/unity3d programmer)
2019–2022Broken Rules, Interactive Media GmbH (freelance tech artist)
2022–nowDynatrace (design system tooling)


string calcmacOS spotlight like calulations, custom parsing of the string and solving, and error messages

color convertpersonal tool for converting and tweaking color formats

spritesheetpacks mutliple images with canvas2d and custom ui

kabelsalatvisual node shader editor, with undo/redo, gif rendering etc

Particle Shapespart of webgl freelance project, render large amount of particles, aligned on 3d objects, and procedurally, with mouse interactions, using react with threejs and custom shaders

vs code todo listvs code extension to taskpaper format, with custom highlighting and hotkeys


typescript/javascript react/nextjs
WebGL (threejs
custom glsl shaders
procedural geometry)
Unity with C# and HLSL
Adobe Illustrator
After Effects
InDesign and Photoshop